Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anything I Can Say, You Can Say Better...

Remember my little rant from a couple of days ago about the state of politics in (North) America? I found a post over at Driftglass that puts my thoughts into a beautifully succinct single paragraph (emphasis mine):
"But this simply is not that country: not some feisty middle-brow Camelot with a couple of equally wacky, equally flawed and equally honorable political philosophies contending in an arena with rules and referees. Instead,...this is a country where one political party is ruled by loathesome men with grotesque motives on behalf of a tiny clique of plutocrats and bulwarked by an electoral army which is kept constantly tweaked to the point of near-riot by a carefully-cultivated media cocktail of rage, ignorance, bigotry and God."
That is almost my entire post in a nutshell. Go read the whole thing.

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