Monday, September 20, 2010

Too much stupidity in the world

I'm still crazy busy with work and personal life, and it doesn't help that I've been distracted by a handful of stupid topics on the interwebs that have popped up recently. From rich folk bitching about a nonexistant tax hike to minor celebrity teabaggers, I've got over a half dozen lengthy diatribes full of indignation started but not yet ready to post.

It's high time I realized that I can't cover everything that I'd like to, and start picking one or two things to deal with at a time, and leave some of the heavier lifting to the professionals.


  1. So I am a professional now? Your flattery never ceases to amaze. I, too, am woefully busy at the moment. It is civic election season here in ON and I have taken on a candidate's campaign. Expect more sporadic posting till the 25th of October. I created and am managing a website for her and this is eating up most of my spare time. Grant was just a troll I couldn't leave alone....

  2. Guys like you and Jason are able to put together comprehensive and coherent challenges to those espousing fallacious viewpoints, whereas I seem to merely be able to generate comments full of vitriol and abuse. Also, I can almost remember the exact date that I stopped being able to take the time to fisk denialists' claims: it was at the end of February 2008, when trying to have a discussion with a presuppositional Christian over at the execrable Ray Comfort blog (I refuse to link to that cesspool). Of course, that doesn't mean I don't try to engage - it just means that my twin hobbies of video games and homebrewing call ever louder as the conversation increases in stupidity.