Saturday, August 7, 2010

On drinking and posting

There is one simple rule regarding drinking a substantial amount of alcoholic beverages and posing messages to your blog: don't do it!

On that note, I'll post some substantial posts this week that are guaranteed to increase the amount of regular readers I have on this site. Of course, those are certain to be dreams of grandeur, not that I care right now.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Does drinking and posting not lend itself to evil?
    I would gladly read your drunken ramblings, especially if it meant you posting more often. Count me as one of your regular readers who would prefer something more than a quarterly issue.

  2. Drinking and posting seems to get me into trouble. My first post over at that Funky Astology site was at about 3AM after opening a new keg of Double-D Brunette Ale. (And we all know how that turned out!)
    I've got about three lengthy posts ongoing at the moment, not including the short novel I just deposited at your site. I just need to stop getting distracted by new ideas and be a little bit less of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if guys like you aren't onto something. I have had a pretty ferocious run of blog posts and am now seeing that keeping up that pace is quite taxing on the rest of my life. Pre-blog, I used to just lurk when I had the time and quip when the urge struck me; no harm/ no foul when I took a few days off to deal with meatland.
    I am increasingly fostering a sense of guilt when I go a couple days without posting, and have a shit-load of real world work piling up....
    Oh, well, I didn't start my blog to bitch about it, and I do enjoy writing and responding to the few comments I presently get. Thanks for giving your two-cents over at my blog, I always appreciate your insight.

  4. Well, lurkers like me appreciate you more prolific bloggers. It means I don't have to tax my brain (or my personal life) as much in order to come up with new topics or follow long discussions! Plus, like you mentioned, some threads just keep going on and on, making them almost seem like work to maintain. Look at the Funk Astrology thread at Jason's place - two hundred comments and still not a single decent attempt at actually addressing his arguments against astrology!

    Anyways, this is my second attempt at a blog, although my first blog was just a basic HTML page I made myself, and it didn't allow posting. While that page was more bland, based around generic updates about my life's events, this one is meant to be more of an ego trip. This time around I'm looking at chances to get my opinions "out there", and see if I can hone my discussion and debating skills rather than just crafting an online family postcard. I'm usually a pretty private guy, and not so good at confrontation so this is a little... unusual for me. It feels kind of like hammering an "Arguments inside - public welcome" sign into the lawn and leaving the front door of my house open.

    At first, I had big plans on trying to get a post a day going, but I found that life gets in the way of that, and most of my daily posts were just videos or links to another site. I decided that is a waste of everyone's time, and completely unfulfilling as a blogger. So I've settled on a pace of one to two posts a week or so. It helps that I don't really have a readership. If, like yourself, Jason, and Stephanie, I actually had regular readers I would feel quite guilty if I wasn't posting more often.

    As it stands, I usually stop tossing the ball for my dog and occasionally log out of World Of Warcraft long enough to work on a post or two every other night. I just have to be careful not to fall into the same trap as you and spend most of my time arguing on the internet!