Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trolling for fanbois

A buddy of mine linked to this picture entitled "How to inspire Nerd Rage":

Infuriating, ain't it?



  2. The only thing I see wrong with this post is that they didn't make Gandalf (played by the actor portrayed here, Christopher Lee) sparkle in the sunlight.

  3. Is that Christopher Lee? I thought it was Bruce Campbell. Which is understandable, since they both played the twins Egon Spengler and Agent Smith from the Broadway show "Serenity". Either way, there's definitely a sparkle in the eyes, obviously caused by the bite from a radioactive monolith.

  4. No, it's definitely Christopher Lee. You can tell because Bruce has that tiny discoloration on his left cheek from the time he played Hari Seldon in the 1997 remake of Lord of the Flies, and there's that one scene where the giant fly Shelob slobbers all over his character. Turns out some waif on the set replaced the prop slime with something more acidic and he got a permanent burn. You'd think he'd cover it up but hey. Must think it's hardcore. Or just a way to separate himself from his brother.

    Which, since Bruce had to change his name from Bruce Lee because there was already a guy in the Screen Actor's Guild by that name (you know, the one who played Kang the Merciless in Star Trek 4: A New Hope), you'd think he'd already feel like he was out of his brother's shadow. But I guess simply changing your name doesn't differentiate you enough from your older, more popular sibling -- even if he was only older by three or four minutes.

  5. Captcha: "atistrue"

    'At is true, it is.